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University of Applied Sciences BSP Berlin: Study fashion in a splendid ambience

By Katharina Rolfes

May 12, 2021


The BSP Business School Berlin is a state-recognized, private university for management. But in addition to the many management subjects, the university also offers a variety of courses for those interested in fashion - such as fashion marketing or sustainable fashion.

The BSP is located in the south of the German capital and stands out above all for the magnificent Siemens villa, in which the courses mainly take place. It is the headquarters of the university and is located in what is now the composer's quarter of Berlin. There is also a large studio building within walking distance of the Siemensvilla. On an area of almost 1000 square meters, you can find further seminars, work, studio and creative rooms.

Would you like to have a closer look at the BSP and its premises? Explore the university here with the help of your mouse:

A multitude of courses, a multitude of options

Even if the university focuses more on management subjects, it also offers a diverse selection of fashion courses. A bachelor's degree can be obtained here in the areas of fashion marketing, fashion journalism, costume and make-up design, as well as sustainable fashion.

What sets the BSP apart from other fashion universities here? In an interview with FashionUnited, Professor Claudine Brignot, who teaches fashion marketing at BSP and is a founding dean of the Creative Business faculty, tells us more about the university and what it offers. “We have a very broad range of courses,” she explains. "We also always give fashion students core competencies in management and business administration."

The university is also characterized by its large number of practical projects. “We have to do an internship in the fifth semester,” says Brignot. "A semester abroad is not a must for all students, but the university likes to see it and the students are of course supported in their projects."

Diverse practical relevance and voices from the students

In order to gain further practical experience, the students of the Creative Business faculty are involved in various internal university projects from the second semester onwards. There is, for example, the fashion line “bare” which is designed by the students in the fields of fashion design and fashion management and is even represented annually at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Emely Jung from the fashion marketing course says: “We are currently working on a current collection again. Despite Corona, we try to stay creative. For example, last semester students made a fashion film and streamed a fashion show live online. I hope we have better luck again this year and maybe we can present something in attendance."

Fashion journalism students at BSP also work on a specially produced magazine called "Nico." The topics? Everything that interests the students: The fashion of the 90s, body images on the Internet or topics such as: "How did fashion help me to find myself?"

Fashion journalism student Jil-Naja König gives deeper insights into the creation of the magazine: “It's nice to see the process over the semester and to be able to follow how the magazine takes shape step by step. At first we only brainstorm for new ideas, then we work on our own topic, always in close consultation with the professors, of course, and then come back together later to exchange ideas with our fellow students. " Projects like this make her feel well prepared for her future professional life. “The professors know what they are talking about. They all have a lot of practical experience and not just studied. In our modules we also have guests from the industry - for example from Valentino - with whom we can exchange ideas.

Studying in times of Corona

But can it all run so smoothly in times of Corona? “Yes,” says Claudine Brignot. "Everything has been happening through the Teams program for over a year now." she adds. Learning subjects like fashion design and production on the computer screen seems difficult at first. Despite everything, Brignot tries to run her drafting exercises online with the students as best she can. “We then use external cameras and, like in an online tutorial, I show the students the correct stitches and cuts,” she continues. Even in times of Corona, students do not have to do without the large, historical library. All teaching content and books are also available online for everyone.

What comes after graduation?

But what exactly do the graduates do after their training at the BSP? Claudine Brignot gives more detailed insights here as well. “Many go into sales,” she explains. “There are also some who are self-employed. One of my graduates has now founded a line for sustainable yoga fashion. The possibilities are therefore varied. Marketing departments and PR agencies are also very popular. There are now a lot of influencer marketing agencies here in Berlin."

All in all, Emely Jung (fashion marketing) and Jil-Naja König (fashion journalism) are very satisfied with their studies at the BSP and feel well prepared for their future professional life thanks to their practical exercises.

For the future, everyone agrees: They hope to have face-to-face classes again as soon as possible.

Photos: BSP Berlin