UGG pledges 1 million dollars for COVID-19 relief efforts

Ugg and its parent company Deckers Brands have launched an initiative called Better Together, through which it pledges to donate 1 million dollars in both money and products for COVID-19 relief efforts. Better Together will support various healthcare institutions in New York including emergency rooms, ICUs, nursing homes, and healthcare centers. The brand will also be giving products, like slippers, for first responders who are staying in hotel rooms to avoid putting those they live with at risk for coronavirus.

This Friday, Ugg will also be launching an Instagram campaign through which it will send 500 pairs of slippers a week to first responders. In a statement, Dave Powers, president and CEO of Deckers Brand said, "Our hearts are with our friends, colleagues, customers and those on the front lines during this pandemic. The newly launched Better Together initiative aims to deliver relief, support and comfort to those most in need. We are in this together."

UGG pledges 1 million dollars for COVID-19 relief efforts

With the local community in mind, Deckers Brands has also established the Santa Barbara Better Together Fund at the Santa Barbara Foundation, and pledged to support where Deckers and UGG have been headquartered for over 47 years. The fund also calls for other community leaders to contribute to small businesses and deliver vital supplies during this time.

Additionally, Deckers Brands has partnered with Santa Barbara-based Sansum Clinic, one of the oldest non-profit outpatient clinics and one of the largest healthcare providers on the south and central coasts of California. Deckers has committed to provide one pair of UGG and one pair of Hoka products to 145 health care workers who are on the frontlines of the Sansum's COVID-19 response. Deckers will continue to monitor new developments related to the virus and through the Better Together initiative focus on the safety, health and wellness of the public.

photo: Deckers Brands




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