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Allure Bridals offers industry first financing program for US retailers

By Vivian Hendriksz


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International bridal and formalwear brand Allure Bridals has launched a special financing program for its US bridal retail clients aimed at easing the initial financial burden of stock purchases.

The Allure Bridals Stock Purchase Financing Program stands as an industry first among bridal manufacturers, offering a strategic edge in the business-to-business market with no current equivalents at the time of launch.

The main goal of the financing program is to establish a reliable support network for retailers, facilitating easy and seamless stock management while addressing the challenges of variable cash flow. “Our goal is to show our support for our retail partners in tangible ways,” said Kelly Crum, CEO of Allure Bridals, in a statement. “And this financing program is a perfect example of how we’re always working to change the status quo in our industry.”

“The majority of brick and mortar retailers experience sales volume volatility throughout the year. We’re here to offload that burden. This isn’t innovation just for the sake of change; it’s a crucial step to advancing the industry.” Highlighting Allure Bridals' dedication to innovation and its enduring commitment to the prosperity of the bridal sector, eligible US retailers will be able to select a six month or 12 month payment term at an interest rate of 9.95% per annum. Retailers who qualify can apply online with Allure Bridals now.

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