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Archroma partners up with the House of Denim Foundation

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Archroma, the global colour and specialty chemicals company, has entered into a partnership with the House of Denim Foundation. Archroma is set to support the denim foundation through an annual financial contribution to its Denim City and is set to share its expertise and network with the House of Denim.

"We are very excited to become an active contributor and partner of House of Denim," said Miguel Sanchez, Head Global Business Development Denim & Casual Wear, at Archroma in a statement. "House of Denim and Archroma share the same vision that we can allow denim brands and manufacturers to create denim with a soul: Beautiful, innovative and resource preserving collections – for denim beyond denim."

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the House of Denim is non-profit organization that initiates collaborative projects to help make the global denim industry more responsible and sustainable through education, research and innovation. House of Denim established the Denim City in Amsterdam, an innovative campus for the denim industry which includes facilities such as the Blue Lab, the Academy and the Jean School.

Through this partnership, Archroma and House of Denim aim to implement safety, health and environmental best practices in the Denim City's Blue Lab and work together in the Denim City's Academy and Jean School to bring new skills and knowledge to all the participants. In addition, Archroma will also bring some of its exclusive tools, such as the Color Atlas color library developed for designers to Denim City.

"Collaborations with recognized industry experts, such as Archroma, are crucial if we want to make a real contribution towards making the denim industry cleaner, dryer and smarter," added Harm Magis, of House of Denim. "Archroma will bring House of Denim’s participants and designers invaluable expertise on how to create denim excellence with a conscience."

Photo: Inge Beekmans for FashionUnited

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