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Empowering Digital Wholesale Transformation: Loake Experiences 20% Re-Order Increase with JOOR Platform

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Credits: JOOR

In the ever-evolving fashion industry, the last decade has marked a paradigm shift towards online operations, and fashion brands and retailers alike are faced with the intricate challenge of creating a seamless B2B wholesale experience that is every bit as impactful as its B2C shopping experience. Even heritage brands, known for their time-honored traditions, are rethinking how they can digitalize their wholesale operations. Loake—a revered English shoemaker established in 1880 with a legacy deeply rooted in exquisite craftsmanship—recognized the need to integrate a robust digital B2B platform into their business model.

For brands like Loake, the ability to provide a seamless, unified, and immersive shopping journey for B2B buyers is paramount; they needed a digital solution that could help them improve relationships with their current B2B retailers and bridge the gap between online and offline showrooms. This necessity led Loake to seek a groundbreaking solution–and they found it in Joor.

Joor: The catalyst for Loake's digital evolution

Joor's digital wholesale platform provides Loake with a vital support system. Their adoption of the digital wholesale ecosystem facilitated the creation of a virtual showroom–a digital extension that reflected the exceptional quality of their physical presence. Utilising the products and features of Joor's innovative platform, Loake is able to blend their physical and digital presence seamlessly. The ecommerce-like shopping experience makes it easy for new and returning B2B buyers to browse Loake's collections and place orders anytime, from anywhere in the world. The streamlined order placement process offered on the platform is also key to helping Loake enhance its customer experience. This strategic digital shift ensures that Loake is able to maintain robust and meaningful relationships with its buyers.

But the benefits of Joor's digital wholesale platform extend beyond just the online world. Loake also uses Joor's solution to offer a seamless B2B experience for buyers in-person. At tradeshows and market appointments, Loake's team is able to use Joor’s iPad app for in-person order taking, which is directly synced with Joor’s web platform. This allows Loake to keep track of all their orders in one unified system, both during and after in-person selling experiences.

Remarkable results: Loake's sales and reorders leap

Thanks to Joor, Loake saw an impressive 20% increase in in-season re-orders. Loake's virtual and physical selling experiences now work in tandem, offering buyers flexibility and accessibility that was previously unattainable. This synchronised approach has established Loake as a responsive, innovative brand adept at meeting the evolving demands of the fast-paced global fashion industry.

Joor as Loake's evergreen solution

Loake's journey with Joor is a testament to the transformative power of digital solutions in the fashion wholesale industry. Since working with Joor, Loake has achieved substantial growth in sales, an impressive rise in re-orders, and reinforced its status as a trusted brand. This partnership is a blueprint for success in the digital wholesale arena, showcasing how embracing technology can lead to exponential growth and sustainability.

Are you keen to learn more about Loake's success and explore how Joor’s digital wholesale platform can revolutionise your business?

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