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How to source ethical and sustainable packaging with Fleet Luxury

By Sponsor

Mar 22, 2021


Concerns from consumers surrounding single-use packaging waste is driving companies and retailers to be proactive in improving the sustainability of their packaging. Fleet Luxury, who is at the forefront of the luxury packaging industry, states that sustainability has to be at the heart of every brand’s strategy, right down to the packaging.

The future of packaging is thinking about how carrier bags, boxes and e-commerce packaging can help minimise your environmental footprint, while also maintaining your luxury product and customer service. 

Fleet Luxury, established nearly twenty years ago, champions recycled and sustainably sourced packaging materials and has partnered with more than 3,000 retailers and designers spanning the premium fashion, jewellery, watch, cosmetic, fragrance, and drinks markets. 

“We want to help our customers discover the right packaging for them, from carrier bags with 100 percent recycled paper handles to bespoke luxury boxes, and e-commerce packaging that enhances the brand experience for the customer, while still considering the environment,” explains Richard Bonnington, Sales Director at Fleet Luxury.

With the pandemic accelerating online shopping across all categories, consumers attitudes towards sustainable packaging has also changed, with research from McKinsey and Company, stating that more than half of US consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of packaging.

While in the UK, research carried out by Censuswide, found that 51 percent of consumers aged 16 to 34 would be more likely to shop with a retailer that has made consistent efforts to be sustainable over one that has not. Emphasising an evolution in consumer consciousness for more responsible practices from brands and retailers.

How to add a luxury experience to your e-commerce packaging sustainably

The demand for more efficient and sustainable packaging is growing and at Fleet, we create tailor-made e-commerce packaging solutions including deluxe postal shippers, mailing envelopes and branded postal boxes. 

Everything we do from the custom-design fitments and inner packaging to providing padding and protection in transport is designed to guarantee premium presentation for your product when the bag or box is opened. 

This is being enhanced with a new box cover product designed to protect luxury boxes, featuring a clean, peel and seal closure, as well as a tamper-proof crocodile return tear strip. The innovative design doesn't feature magnets and uses fully accredited FSC™ papers to make the box fully sustainable. It also has a collapse-foldable design for minimum storage and assembly.

Other solutions Fleet offers include using FSC™ certified paper-based fillers instead of traditional polystyrene chips, bubble wrap, foam or other non-biodegradable protective packaging, and alternatives to using plastic, such as biomass plastics made from sustainable corn, bamboo or soya. Also consider branded paper mailers using blended paper, made from paper and cotton to add strength, as they are not only cost effective but also sustainable.

Richard adds: “At Fleet, we are a responsible packaging supplier and we pride ourselves on helping our clients find the best solutions to reduce their environmental impact. 

"If it isn’t recyclable, we aim to make it reusable, and we endeavour to guide our clients away from all single-use plastic." 

Fleet also considers the printing and manufacturing processes, using vegetable and plant-based inks and water-based glues and varnishes. 

Whether your customers shop your brand online or in-store, the packaging needs to be a reflection of your luxury offering whilst minimising your impact on the environment, and Fleet can help you achieve the desired look.

Three things to consider to make your packaging as ethical and sustainable as possible

Is your paper FSC™ certified? 

Fleet and its supply chain are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC™) accredited and display the FSC™ logo and Chain of Custody number on its luxury carrier bags. FSC™ is the stamp of integrity associated with all wooded products such as papers, packaging and boxes. Anything that is derived from wood pulp, the FSC™ stamp tracks the product from its sustainable origins to its recycling.

Richard explains: “The FSC™ accreditation is a simple and easy way to reassure your customers and stakeholders that your carrier bags have been responsibly manufactured.”

What are your carrier handles made of?

“At Fleet we’ve developed a new 100 percent recycled paper handle,” adds Richard. “Not only does it look great, but it performs as well as any cord design.”

Don’t take our word for it, a marketing manager for a global fashion brand, who made the switch to paper handles, said: “I really wanted a product that looked great, was fully recyclable and that the end user didn’t have to do anything with other than place in their recycling bin when they had finished with it. Fleet introduced me to their paper rope handles and steered me in the right direction with the papers and inks used.

“The finished product was just as I wanted and something I am incredibly proud of. Sustainability is a key focus for me and our industry so I am glad to have been able to make that switch without compromising on look, design and price.”

Consider the recycling process

Avoid mixing materials. If you do need to include elements such as metal hinges in your luxury packaging, try to ensure they are as easy as possible to separate from the rest of the item in the recycling process. 

Minimising finishes is also a good practice, such as avoiding plastic coating and laminations, which can render your packaging non-recyclable.

Fleet Luxury is a full-service packaging, sourcing, storage and logistic company with manufacturing and distribution through the UK, Europe, Asia and the United States. For bespoke boxes, bags, tags, tissue, hangers, garment covers and more, contact us on 01634 730334 or at rb@fleetluxury.com.