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Lush quitting social media with new anti-social media policy

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Lush

Cosmetics and skincare brand Lush is deactivating its social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat from November 26 until the platforms can provide a safer environment for all users.

The new anti-social media policy will see the Lush brand signing out of its social media accounts in the 48 territories it operates. After stating it had “finally had enough” in light of the revelations from Facebook whistleblower Francis Haugen, who said the platform knew its products were damaging teenagers mental health and failing to curb misinformation.

In a company statement, Lush said on its website: “Like so many teenagers have experienced before us, Lush has tried to come off social media, but our FOMO is vast, and our compulsion to use the various platforms means we find ourselves back on there, despite our best intentions.

“So here we are again, trying to go cold (plant-based) turkey. Having previously attempted this in 2019, our resolve has been strengthened by all the latest information from courageous whistleblowers, which clearly lays out the known harms that young people are exposed to because of the current algorithms and loose regulation of this new area of our lives.”

Lush added: “We wouldn’t ask our customers to meet us down a dark and dangerous alleyway – but some social media platforms are beginning to feel like places no one should be encouraged to go. Something has to change. We hope that platforms will introduce strong best practice guidelines, and we hope that international regulation will be passed into law.

“But we can’t wait. We feel forced to take our own action to shield our customers from the harm and manipulation they may experience whilst trying to connect with us on social media. So Lush will be signing out from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, until these platforms can provide a safer environment for their users.”

In place of social media, Lush said that it will find new ways to connect, including continuing on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, as well as e-mail newsletters.

Mark Constantine, co-founder, chief executive and product inventor at Lush added: “I’ve spent all my life avoiding putting harmful ingredients in my products. There is now overwhelming evidence we are being put at risk when using social media. I’m not willing to expose my customers to this harm, so it’s time to take it out of the mix.”

Lush previously quit social media in 2019 after being “tired of fighting with algorithms”.

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