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MadaLuxe sees 500 percent e-commerce growth

By Kristopher Fraser


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MadaLuxe Group, a luxury fashion distributor, has seen its e-commerce net sales grow by 500 percent from March through July, with the surge driven by luxury eyewear and watches. The company’s data indicate that demand for these “Zoom-friendly” accessories has been exceptionally strong since May as millions of consumers have moved business and personal meetings online. MadaLuxe Group is a multi-brand luxury fashion company with insights into the wholesale, e-commerce and retail channels and its recent data indicate that shopper appetite for certain luxury categories has remained strong throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We were in position from a digital and operational perspective to maximize the opportunity that surfaced as a result of the pandemic,” said Adam Freede, CEO of MadaLuxe Group, in a statement. “We immediately turned more attention to and honed in on our e-commerce site, MadaLuxeVault.com, at the start of the pandemic, when luxury consumers first began to shift online in large numbers. We moved very quickly to accommodate our customers with the same level of service online that they were used to receiving in-store, and our efforts have proven successful. Not only have our net sales increased by five times, but the number of sessions, new users and order volume on our e-commerce site have risen every month since March.”

Freede notes that the company saw a massive jump in May, once Americans had adjusted to the new normal of shopping online. Since then, the healthy increases have persisted as e-commerce continues to dominate the consumer experience. Between March and July, MadaLuxeVault.com saw a 150 percent growth in new users.

The luxury eyewear category, which includes sunglasses, optical frames and blue light lenses, has been the biggest driver of recent growth. MadaLuxe Group notes that consumer interest in the category may be driven, in part, by reports that eyewear can help provide an extra level of protection against COVID-19 transmission. In addition, blue light lenses, which help prevent eye strain by filtering the blue light emitted by digital screens, have surged in popularity as people have been spending more time online. MadaLuxe Group also noted that its wholesale partners are seeing higher in-store sales of luxury eyewear as customers are purchasing multiple pairs at one time to avoid making multiple trips to stores as the pandemic continues.

As the exclusive distributor of Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Teslar and other luxury fashion watch brands in the Americas, MadaLuxe Group also has unique insight into the luxury watch space. The company’s recent data revealed that watches have been a top category every month since March, suggesting that shoppers are seeking striking timepieces to wear as they work from home and participate in video conferences.

“Accessories that might stand out on a Zoom or Teams video call, like eyewear, watches and jewelry, have been in high demand,” Freede said in a statement. “We’ve also seen an increase in handbag and footwear purchases. The takeaway is that luxury shoppers are looking for brands that offer excellent quality at the right value, and we’re focused on providing that, along with a superior and personalized customer experience.”

photo: courtesy of BCG PR