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Miomojo achieves B Corp certification

By Simone Preuss



Image: Miomojo

Italian bag label Miomojo joins the list of companies that have received a B Corp certification. The vegan label was launched in 2014 with bags made from cactus and apple leather and expanded its offering last fall to include yoga apparel. Now, after successfully completing B-Lab's rigorous certification process, it has received the coveted B Corp certification and is now classified as a 'Benefit Corporation' or nonprofit.

“he process to obtain this important certification is long, rigorous and very complex: Corporate governance, employees' rights, and environmental, social and customer impact are measured. After more than a year and a half, we finally made it and we are of course very proud of it, since in Italy there are only 140 B Corps, in Europe only 800 and in the whole world 4,600!,” comments Miomojo founder Claudia Pievani in an email to FashionUnited.

A B Corp certification evaluates not just a product or service, but the overall positive impact of the company behind it, and it is committed to a continuous improvement process. 

For Miomojo, that means continuing to pursue its vision of creating a kinder, more sustainable world with products that are innovative and never harm animals.

‘With creativity and compassion, we have proved it’s possible to have fashion without fashion victims. No more fur, wool, silk, feathers or leather - just beautifully crafted products,” promises Miomojo.

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