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Pronovias Group accelerates its digital transformation

By Sponsor

Apr 28, 2020


The company launches the first digital showroom in the bridal industry, exclusively for its customers, to present the new collections

In addition, it offers a virtual consulting service to future brides and has also implemented new activations on social media and a new B2B “e-service” platform for exchanging key information with customers

Pronovias Group, the global leader in the luxury bridal sector, accelerates its digital transformation through various channels to provide better service to its customers and to brides. This is another step in the digitization process the company has been working on since its acquisition by BC Partners and which the current period of confinement has merely accelerated.

The company has launched the first digital showroom in the bridal industry, exclusively for its customers, to present the new collections of the group's brands: Pronovias, StPatrick, Nicole, White One and Lady Bird. This initiative facilitates presentation of the new styles to its customers all over the world, offering all the information necessary for placing orders (inspiration of the collection, gowns, materials, qualities, accessories, pricing) without the need to physically travel to the showroom. This will help the bridal boutiques to open their doors with their latest styles when the authorities of each country allow it. The digital showroom is already up and running worldwide everywhere but in Asia-Pacific, where it will go live on 20 April.

Pronovias Group is also providing virtual consultations to brides, offering advising from expert staff to all the brides still looking for their gown.

Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias Group comments that “in every crisis, there is an opportunity and, in our case, it has spurred us to drive the change faster than we could have imagined. In any case, the “post-corona” world will not be the same, and therefore we need to reinvent ourselves with innovation, agility and creativity.”

Pronovias Group has also made great progress in digital marketing aimed at brides, both on digital media channels and in SEO, CRM CX, web analysis, website design for mobile devices, an online appointment scheduling tool, etc. Furthermore, the current situation has accelerated the implementation of new approaches in the social media activations for the group’s brands, such as live webcasts, innovative content in collaboration with customers or influencers close to the brand in order to continue providing interesting and entertaining information to brides). It has also spurred the creation of a new B2B “e- service” platform for exchanging information with customers.