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Reserve your place in Germany - 4 ways in which Fiege can fulfil your logistic needs in the Brexit era

By Sponsor

May 28, 2021


The impact of Brexit has been felt by retailers across the UK and EU since the start of the year. Having an evident effect on every stage of the logistic process, from restrictions on imported goods to transport fees and new custom changes, several retailers noted that uncertainty surrounding Brexit has negatively impacted their supply chain. Now, more than ever, retailers need to work with a logistics provider that has a solid grasp and understanding of the new regulations and offers flexible solutions to meet their every need. Family-run company FIEGE Logistics specialises in efficient, versatile supply chain solutions, focusing on the core industries, including fashion and e-commerce. Developing integrated customer solutions for e-commerce, transport, sea and air cargo, customs clearance, warehousing, deliveries and real estate management sectors, FIEGE services cover the full range of operations from consultation to the implementation of a supply chain concept. Here we share four ways FIEGE can fulfil all your logistical needs in the Brexit era.

1. Efficient Fashion Fulfilment

With FIEGE, everything is possible. FIEGE’s portfolio includes fashion retailers of all shapes and sizes. As one of the leading fashion logistics companies in Europe, FIEGE supports global brands and fast-growing startups across their whole supply chain. Instrumental to brands and retailers international success is FIEGE's suite of fulfilment products and solutions supporting everyone from small start-ups to corporate partners. With a strong network of warehouses across Europe and a focus on fashion operations, FIEGE's fulfilment solutions include flexible infrastructures for hanging garments and optimal cut off times. Retailers and brands benefit from real-time transparency concerning performance, inventories and order status when working with FIEGE’s unique Fulfillment Portal. As a flexible partner, FIEGE also manages volume increases and order peaks smoothly and seamlessly, so there's no need to worry during sale periods. In addition, FIEGE is well experienced in fashion specific tasks like quality control, relabeling, repacking and finishing.

FIEGE range of fashion fulfilment solutions include
- Fully automated operations with picking robots;
- Flexible, manual setup;
- Tailor-made solutions;
- Plug’n’Play setup with a direct start and no commitment;
- Single-channel fulfilment;
- An omnichannel supply chain.

2. Multi-marketplace Connection with heyconnect

FIEGE offers fashion brands 360° management for multi-marketplace connection through its Trading Partner heyconnect. This unique marketplace solution works via a central interface to place brands on more than 30 leading marketplaces in Germany and seven countries, including Zalando, Amazon and About You. A single point of contact to all marketplaces, heyconnect oversees all contracts and contacts with marketplaces, handling the different content requirements of each marketplace, so the implementation of the fashion brand is as smooth and seamless as possible. In addition, heyconnect also oversees everything from content creation to article maintenance, customer service, logistics, retail media management invoices and returns. Brands will receive the support of a personal consultant at heyconnect, who is on hand to answer all questions and develop an individualised platform portfolio to maximise success on all marketplaces. Easy to use, brands can control their marketplace business through heyconnect smart-scalable distribution channels and platform portfolio.

3. Flexible e-commerce solutions

With more than 25 years of experience in e-commerce, FIEGE offers retailers and brands a range of e-commerce backend serviced in addition to its expert logistics fulfilment solutions. Offering an efficient network of omnichannel-relevant systems, from ordering and payment processing to risk and customer call centre FIEGE, helps brands implement their omnichannel strategy. Using FIEGE’s Order Management System, retailers can access an easy system to overview their order processing. An integrated Stock Management System connects the front end of the store system and marketplace platforms, so retailers can allocate their stock at all times to sales channels they prefer. In addition, FIEGE also offers financial services, such as risk management providers for payments and customer service within its e-commerce solutions, to ensure retailers customers have the best buying experience possible online.

4. National Transportation Network

With more than 30 mega-centres located across Europe, FIEGE has a dependable and robust transport network. Overseeing the entire transport operations of goods, from managing capacities and resources to the provision of vehicles, personnel and goods and monitoring transport processes, FIEGE's network covers all bases. Within Germany, FIEGE has a nationwide transport system for both hanging and flat goods that runs via emissions optimised vehicles, such as green trucks and trains. Specialising in offering retailers customised delivery concepts, from e-bikes to express delivery and transporting dangerous goods, their modular network streamlines its transportation channels. Due to its IT services, retailers and brands are always kept up to date on their operations.


The FIEGE Group, headquartered in Greven in Westphalia, is a leading European logistics company that specialises in efficient supply chain solutions. With a workforce of 19,000 at more than 150 sites in 14 countries, FIEGE operates on an international scale from core markets in Europe, to India and China. FIEGE is seen as a pioneer of contract logistics and since its formation has evolved from a transport company to a globally-operating full-service logistics provider. The tradition-conscious organisation never ceases to reinvent itself in order to remain state of the art in times of digitisation and automation. We develop integrated customer solutions for eCommerce, transport, sea and air cargo, customs clearance, warehousing, parcel deliveries and real estate management, with services that span the full range from consultation to implementation of a supply chain.

For more information please visit fiege.com
Contact Person: marcus.meier@fiege.com