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RFID technology whitepaper: How stores turn into ‘Omnichannel Hubs’ and become the heart of a seamless shopping experience

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Online and offline shopping belong together. Driven by the reality we are currently living in, consumer behavior is shifting rapidly and has become more digital than ever. Just to share a fun fact, experts say that we are now five years ahead of where we would normally be when it comes to the adoption of digital shopping. In this world, the availability of merchandise has become more important than ever.

The adoption of the ‘new normal’ forces retail organizations to look at opportunities and ways to fulfill e-commerce orders from their store network. In order to be able to sell online, retailers use their store stock for the fulfillment of online orders. Thus, stores are becoming ‘Omnichannel Hubs’ or so-called ‘mini DCs.’ This model allows retailers to continue to make sales while decreasing the number of people who are actually in the stores.

One of the key questions amongst retailers is how they can leverage their store stock to make sure they don’t miss sales opportunities due to an inaccurate view of their inventory levels. To tackle this challenge in an agile way, smart implementation of technology is essential. Retail IT-departments are lining up to make their organizations as successful as possible by choosing wisely from a wide variety of available technologies. In this context, RFID is a proven enabler for creating end-to-end stock visibility on item level in real time, item-level, real-time stock visibility.


In this free whitepaper about ‘Omnichannel hubs: how stores become the heart of a seamless shopping experience,’ we will take a deep dive into the following topics:

  1. Shopping trends in a connected world
  2. A symbiosis of online and offline
  3. The new role of stores: Local distributions hubs & mini DCs
  4. Why stock visibility is key
  5. How RFID unlocks omnichannel
  6. Advantages of an RFID stock SPoT
  7. How RFID optimizes in-store Omni processes

Download the free whitepaper about Omnichannel hubs here.

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