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SHOP SAFE ACT reintroduction welcomed by apparel and footwear industry

By Sponsor

May 28, 2021


The American Apparel & Footwear Association welcomed the reintroduction of the SHOP SAFE Act today. The bipartisan bill establishes trademark liability for online marketplace platforms when a third-party sells a counterfeit that poses a risk to consumer health or safety (and when that platform does not follow certain best practices).

The bill also aims to incentivize online platforms to establish best practices such as seller vetting to ensure their legitimacy, removing counterfeit listings, and removing sellers who repeatedly sell fake goods.

"The SHOP SAFE Act would provide a baseline for all online marketplace platforms when it comes to fighting counterfeits and ensuring consumer safety," said Steve Lamar, president and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association. "This is a step in the right direction to make sure all platforms address the issue of counterfeits on their sites. Creating a liability requirement would go a long way to ensure that platforms meet their responsibility to their customers.

"More must be done to ensure that the products Americans purchase by way of online third-party marketplaces are legitimate, meet safety standards, and do not steal intellectual property that supports American jobs. The SHOP SAFE Act brings this conversation to the forefront of peoples' minds," Lamar continued. "AAFA looks forward to working with Members of Congress to ensure that this bill not only sets standards for e-commerce, but that it also creates liability measures and promotes a culture of continuous improvement that is needed to stay one-step ahead of counterfeiters."

AAFA is a major advocate for stronger brand protection measures to protect consumers and businesses from the adverse impacts of counterfeit products.

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