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Tapping into Surplus: Unfrosen's Strategic Solution to Fashion's Excess Inventory Dilemma

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In the dynamic realm of fashion, the annual sell-through rate fluctuates between 80 to 85%. While an 85% rate appears commendable, it highlights the ongoing struggle with the residual 15% of surplus stock, symbolizing substantial uncaptured value.

With swift shifts in consumer preferences and supply chain constraints, the industry is grappling with a surplus of returned and unsold inventory valued at over 700 billion euros. Fashion companies now face the task of finding effective ways to sell this excess stock while maintaining control over pricing strategies.

Simultaneously, the growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical business practices in fashion demands brands and retailers to incorporate transparent and conscientious methodologies in managing their surplus. For centuries, the fashion industry followed a linear model of production, consumption, and disposal, but today, such wasteful practices are no longer acceptable.

Meet Unfrosen, a private B2B excess inventory trading platform that offers fashion brands & retailers a way to connect with independent stores and sell their excess stock to those who align with their needs. On this platform, brands and retailers can filter prospective buyers based on factors like location, store type, and proximity to shopping centers.

Bild: Unfrosen

Selling excess stock isn't just about recovering financial losses; it's also a strategic move with lasting implications for a brand's image and reputation. Unfrosen empowers brands and retailers to maintain their exclusivity by selling surplus to independent stores in more remote locations, mitigating direct competition and reducing the need for extensive discounts so that brands can execute clearance sales more strategically.

Bild: Unfrosen

Sellers can effortlessly expand their network of outlet stores without making additional investments and can do so at their convenience. One satisfied client of the platform described it as akin to "instantly plugging in 100 more outlet stores to clear surplus inventory." The company boasts a network of over 2,000 individual retailers, comprising more than 30 renowned fashion brands and retailers specializing in apparel and footwear. Using this platform, surplus inventory can be sold within a matter of weeks.

Unfrosen aspires to be the one-stop solution for brands & retailers navigating the complex terrain of surplus management, offering a discreet and expansive network of B2B buyers to connect with and potentially preventing excess stock issues in the future.

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