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The largest fashion companies worldwide: data and insights - part II

By FashionUnited

Dec 2, 2015

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. Companies who dominate the global fashion industry today, need to keep pace with, and even capitalize on changes. In a highly competitive environment, business analytics and market intelligence are must-have tools. FashionUnited took a closer look at the largest listed companies worldwide within the apparel and fashion industry and analysed internal and external data to signal important trends and developments. For some companies the future looks bright, for others it will be challenging.

1. How realistic is Fast Retailing's 2020 goal?

There is no doubt that Fast Retailing is rapidly growing and expanding, largely due in part to the increasing demand for its top brand Uniqlo. The Japanese fashion conglomerate had a cool market value of 16.2 billion US dollars in 2010, when it first entered FashionUnited's Top 100 Index, which has grown 2.5 times in five years time to just under 40 billion US dollars.

As the company continues to grow, so did its ambitions, with Fast Retailing’s Chief Executive Officer Tadashi Yanai setting the business quite a goal in 2011: to become the world's largest fashion company, raking in a 5 trillion yen (close to 41.7 billion US dollars) by 2020. Although Fast Retailing has indeed increasingly been on the fashion scene’s radar, how realistic is this goal for the company?

Read more here: here. Or check out the infographic.

2. Will TK Maxx's return to the Benelux be a top or flop?

Best known for its deeply discounted designer label products and home furnishing, which sell at 20 percent to 60 percent under the recommended retail price, TK Maxx has managed to maintain consumer appeal over the years, which has allowed its parent company TJX Companies to hold a strong position within the global off-price retailing market. Now the discount retailer behind the motto 'Big Labels, Small Prices,' hopes to make its big comeback in the Benelux this week, following its devastating exiting after suffering irreparable losses early 2000s.

But what are the chances of the retailer's success in the Dutch market this time round? Will TK Maxx be a big success in the Benelux this time round, or will it leave with its tail between its legs once more? FashionUnited takes a closer look at TJX’s growth in the US and Europe to see what its chances are winning over local shoppers 15 years after hasty exit.

Read further: here. No time to read the whole thing? Click here for the 20 second version.

3. Hermès

In spite of going through some turbulent times in the press, French luxury house Hermès has continued to thrive. Any shareholders with concerns that negative press may affect Hermès image or sales need not worry however, as the luxury fashion house has continued to defy any trend of slipping revenues as noted among peer labels. Instead Hermès reported first half sales for 2015 of 2.3 billion euros, up from 1.9 billion euros during the same period in 2014.

As the fashion label continues to grow, it becomes more and more of an appealing conquest for any investor, but particularly for shareholder luxury conglomerate LVMH which failed an attempted company take over last year. Although LVMH, Dior and Groups Arnault have all pledged not to acquire any more shares in Hermès for the next five years, FashionUnited asks how Hermès family will manage the company's growth over the next five years whilst retaining control by 2020?

Find it out here.

4. What comes next for Yoox Net-a-Porter Group?

With the new company officially launching on October 5, 2015, the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group now holds what can be seen an unrivalled client base of over 2 million high-spending customers and 24 million unique monthly visitors worldwide. Together, these two former competing market leaders now hold full coverage of all luxury customer segments across the entire product life cycle, with a broader global reach than any other online fashion retailer.

Now, the question is - what comes next for Yoox Net-a-Porter Group? Read it in the complete article. Or check out the infographic for a faster answer.

5. Victoria's Secret annual fashion show: Enjoy it while it lasts

Who hasn't heard of Victoria’s Secrets Angels, an elite team of super models who take to the catwalk for the lingerie brand’s annual show? Since the modest start of Victoria's Secret annual fashion show in 1995, the event has grown to become one of the largest and most over-the-top, extravagant fashion shows of the year. But what are the real costs of hosting such an event each year - and what does a show like the VS show contribute to the overall company - does it really add that much extra value? Or is it just a hype that will eventually implode onto itself? FashionUnited takes closer look.

Interested in learning more about FashionUnited's VS predictions - click here. No time to read the whole story? Click here for the 1-second version: this illustration will give you the answer.

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