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Triumph sees spike in sales during Valentine's Day period

By Kristopher Fraser

Feb 21, 2016

While retail sales in winter tend to be slow, the Valentine's Day period often proves to be a time of positive uptick for companies sales. Luxury lingerie brand Triumph happens to be one of those companies that sees a spike in sales during this holiday period.

The brand, which dates their history back to the late 1800's as a German corsetry business, continues to find their footing in their unique and contemporary luxury lingerie offerings. According to Triumph's marketing director Mona Esphahani, "Best sellers during the [Valentine's Day] period vary, but we see an increase in fashion, color and 'sexy' lingerie."

What helps set Triumph apart from other lingerie brands, and what also makes their offerings so desired around this holiday period, is the unique technology incorporated into their intimates. While Triumph doesn't reveal specific sales figures, new offerings like the Magic Wire Shape Up bra and the expansion of their sleepwear offerings, such as the Mon Amour Fou Spotlight nightdress, are attracting customers.

The Magic Wire Shape Up bra is known for its flexible soft touch wire without metal and its hook eye closure for excellent support. For spring/summer, the brand has also made a big push to promote their sleepwear offerings.

"Triumph is a maker brand," Esphahani said in regards to what helps set Triumph apart from other lingerie brands. "We're devoted to beautifully tailored, fashionable lingerie, innovations, and the outstanding fit of [our] products. Besides the attention to detail and the beautiful designs, we believe that fit is everything, so, our tips, guides, and questions on fit and style will ensure that the search for the perfect bra is simple, fun, and easy."

While the brand uses direct marketing and social media to promote their Valentine's Day offerings, in addition to visual merchandising materials like in-store and window displays, it's the elements of their designs that helps stand out in the competitive lingerie market.

"The most sophisticated element to our designs is that we embody a unique mix of fashion, quality, and comfort," Esphahani added. "Our design team picks up global trends in fashion, art, and culture and integrates them into the wearable concept, which form the basis of each collection."

Price points for Triumph's offerings range from 28 dollars for the Mon Amour Fou Spotlight bikini to 98 dollars for the Balconette bra. All items are available through triumph.com.