Veldskoen launches in the U.S.

Veldskoen (pronounced "FELL- skoons") today announced its public launch in the U.S. backed by investor Mark Cuban and his partners Angela and Steve Watts. The Watts' originally partnered with Mark Cuban after they appeared on Shark Tank with their company, Slyde Handboards. After that success, the Watts' wanted to expand with other authentic and moving products. Steve Watts sought out Veldskoen to bring authentic South African culture and style to the U.S.

"I grew up wearing Vellies everyday, so it is truly an honor to bring a part of my culture and heritage to the United States," Watts said in a statement. "The history behind Veldskoen is unparalleled to any shoe in the world, that has been worn by those looking to move… their bodies, their ideas and their hearts. We have a brand philosophy centered on style, optimism and migration, so we only use naturally sourced materials, and make the shoes in South African certified fair labor and safety factories so the resulting product, Veldskoen, is incredibly comfortable in every sense of the word. They are as perfectly suited for the office as they are for the pub or traveling around the world with flair."

Veldskoen's origins go back as early as the 17th century. The name comes from Afrikaans meaning "field shoe" and is based on the traditional Khoisan footwear first worn by indigenous people across southern Africa.

Lightweight and extremely tough, wearing the Veldskoen could withstand the harsh conditions of South Africa's great migration north. Since those days the Veldskoen has become a huge part of South African and Namibian culture and styles, and is now worn by everyone from artists to professors across Africa.

Veldskoens are available direct to consumer and offer a 30-day guaranteed happiness warranty. And their production is entirely based in South Africa, offering an economic engine to the region.

Veldskoen launches today in the United States, and is available in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

photo: via PR Newswire




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