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Vingino joining forces with Van Gennip Textiles for Messi baby and toddler collection

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Image: Vingino teams up with Van Gennip Textiles for Messi baby and toddler line

Vingino is launching an exclusive clothing collection with world star Lionel Messi, joining forces with Van Gennip Textiles. Van Gennip Textiles will produce and sell the complete baby and toddler collection, complementing the Vingino x Messi kids collection.

Cooperation between Vingino and Van Gennip Textiles

Both companies have years of experience in the fashion industry. "We are very proud of this partnership. Van Gennip Textiles is a wonderful family business and in terms of DNA it completely matches with Vingino," said Jan van den Berg, CEO of Vingino. "Where Van Gennip Textiles is mainly specialised in baby and toddler clothing, we focus primarily on children's clothing. These additional areas of expertise offer a wealth of opportunities, both nationally and internationally. By joining forces and allowing both companies to work in their strengths, we can offer retailers a wider range."

Image: Malaysia first country to launch the Vingino x Messi collection

About Vingino x Messi

Vingino is launching in collaboration with Lionel Messi a complete fashion line (no sports) for children till 14 years old. Under his name, Vingino will release a line of t-shirts, polos, hoodies, jogging pants, shorts and underwear. Malaysia is the first country in the world where the Vingino x Messi line has been successfully launched. The launch in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will follow on 3 March.

About Van Gennip Textiles

Van Gennip Textiles, known for the brands Dirkje Babywear, Koko Noko, No Way Monday and DJ DUTCHJEANS, is specialized in import and export of baby and children's clothing. The company creates, produces and distributes their brands in more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition to this, they now also offer the Messi baby and toddler collection.

Curious about this special international Vingino x Messi collaboration? Please make an appointment with our sales department.

Contact details: Vingino, sales@vingino.com

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