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Announcing the Future+ Paris Summit, Codes of Culture: Bridging Fashion, Luxury, and Technology

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Credits: Future+

Future+, a leading global networking platform at the nexus of creativity, culture and technology, is thrilled to unveil the upcoming Future+ Paris Summit: “Codes of Culture”. Set for February 22, 2024, this exclusive, one-day event will inaugurate both NFT Paris and Paris Fashion Week, showcasing a fusion of fashion, luxury, culture, and cutting-edge technologies.

The summit promises to be a vibrant forum for founders, innovators, and industry leaders to exchange ideas and insight that will come to define the future of the industry. Through a range of panel discussions and interactive forums, Future+ will delve into the evolving landscape of fashion and luxury through the lens of technology, aiming to spark new ideas and foster groundbreaking collaborations.

Ashumi Sanghvi, founder & CEO of Future+, highlights, "Codes of Culture will offer a dynamic program, underpinned by an impressive roster of speakers and guests, at a timely moment in the Fashion and Web3 calendars. Future+ aims to be a step towards a synergistic future where creative, culture and technology are seamlessly integrated. And our event in Paris will perfectly represent our ethos for collaboration, interrogation and discussion on the topics and themes at the forefront of technology and innovation. Don’t miss out — for more information register now at the Future+ website."

Future+ is proud to partner with: Aura Blockchain Consortium, Private Jet Pyjama Party, Magic, Uniqly, EON, CW8 Communications, Karl Lagerfeld, EPAM, Ledger, Luxurynsight, Fashion United, BRAW HAUS, Tech Powered Luxury, Muse Frame, Beyond Luxury, Adriana, and MAD Global.

For membership details and more information, visit the Future+ website.

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