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CIFF steps away from traditional trade show format

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

Jul 7, 2020


Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) has confirmed that the fashion industry isn’t ready for a traditional trade show in August due to the coronavirus pandemic and has decided instead to launch a new format, ‘Elevated Order Days’ to be held on the same days, from August 9-12.

In a statement, CIFF said: “The Danish Health Authorities authorised trade shows with thousands of participants at the end of May. However, after several weeks of dialogue with our peers, we must conclude and accept that the fashion industry is not ready for CIFF as we know it.

“We have therefore decided that CIFF in the format we know, will take place in February 2021 – progressive, innovative, international, and focused on relations, and with sustainability on the agenda.”

The trade show added that it will continue to support Copenhagen Fashion Week with a special ‘Elevated Order Days’ format, to be held at CIFF Showrooms on the same dates as the show was planned, August 9-12, which will still “give brands and buyers the opportunity to meet while respecting the health and safety guidelines.”

The new Elevated Order Days by CIFF format will mean that brands will showcase their collections at the CIFF showrooms across two floors. In addition, trade show organisers will be offering personal advice on sustainability and buyer-approaching techniques from its team, as well as space to allow meetings to take place between brands and buyers.

Fashion industry “not ready” for a traditional CIFF trade show

Dan Vejen Andersen, director of wholesale at Masai clothing from Copenhagen, a regular exhibitor at CIFF, commented: “The most important task is building a bridge between “before” and “after” and I am of course referring to the corona-crisis. Despite the fact we are still in a crisis situation, we must act.

“With Elevated Order Days CIFF supports the fashion industry and we should do the same. We really need to go out again and meet the customers where they are. You only realise how important the physical meeting is, when it is missing and the direct contact with your customers can never be underestimated. With Elevated Order Days, CIFF is showing the will to find other solutions, think in different terms in challenging times – also considering suppliers like us. We are looking forward to it."

This is the latest change from CIFF, earlier this month organisers announced its new digital platform CIFF Digital in partnership with online fashion sales platform Traede.

From SS21 onwards, CIFF and CIFF Youth exhibitors will have the opportunity to provide their own digital showroom in order to strengthen their exposure and reach more buyers. Meanwhile, buyer experience while researching brands online will also be enhanced.

The next CIFF fashion fair in its traditional format is scheduled for February 2-5, 2021, for the AW21 buying season.

Image: FashionUnited/Caitlyn Terra