Stephen Krogulski: "Offprice is looking to bring opportunities to potential retailers"

Offprice prides itself on their affordable merchandise at their tradeshows. They have a formula for success that has been working for them for over two decades now. Recently, their CEO Stephen Krogulski managed to take time out of his busy schedule to discuss just what goes into a great Offprice show, and what makes a great tradeshow in general.

What's the usual Offprice show like?

"Usual off price show…I would say a lot of energy, fast paced, you know, the nature of Offprice is that guys are closing out the companies, seasons, lines of clothes. It’s first come first serve to get to the best deals. There’s a lot of energy that happens. A lot of excitement to see what people have and offer for them to put in their stores so they can write the order and get it shipped in the next coming weeks."

What are the types of fashion companies that are at your show (contemporary,luxury,fast-fashion,etc.)?

"It’d be for the entire family, men’s, women’s children’s, covers all categories from intimates up to evening gowns, everything in between, workwear, footwear, jewelry. It’s value priced promotional goods. It’s more…it’s fashionable at an affordable price."

What do attendees hope to gain from the show?

"We’re hoping that the reason we’ve been so successful is that they are gaining the opportunity to secure some deals, which helps them to make some margins, which helps them to deliver value back to their customers."

What do you think is the biggest challenge in mounting the Offprice show?

"I think it’s going to be the availability of goods. Obviously we’re not manufacturing the product, so we’re closing out seasons. It’s alway whats available, how those guys are going to close out those deals, and quickly get them to markets, so people can be selling them for that in season product."

What's the most exciting thing for you about the show?

"It’s just seeing the opportunity that folks can bring to Off-Price and then seeing the opportunity that they can sell to somebody and put this product back into their store and really helping them to be a successful business person."

What do you think sets Offprice apart from other trade shows?

"I would say the community. We started 21 years ago, our first show was 12 guys that are still with us, along the way we picked up another 400. It’s a big community that is looking for deals and looking to bring those opportunities to potential retailers."

Stephen Krogulski: "Offprice is looking to bring opportunities to potential retailers"Who do you think benefits most from from these trade shows (buyers, editors, the brand's themselves, etc.)?

"Obviously everyone benefits in a different way, but, the ultimate beneficiary would be the consumer. It starts there. Then you just take the chain back the same way then. So, it would be the store owner, who is able to bring in some very attractive affordable product, start on to his customer, obviously our vendors benefit because we’ve got the opportunity to hold up the deal. So ultimately the manufacturer of the brand does, because anything they aren’t able to sell in that season they are able to move and focus on the next season for themselves."

Is there anything you'd like to differently in the future regarding the show?

"No, just doing more of what we’re already doing."

How long have you been with Offprice?

"I have been with the group now since its inception, so 9 years."

How did the Garment District become your location?

"The Garment District is the heart of the fashion district in New York. We were able to secure a location which gives us the opportunity to do a fast in and out of the city…we always look for larger spaces, but, it’s just really difficult to find something right in the heart of the city. That’s why we stay in Gotham Hall."

Do you think your central location helps impact traffic and press coverage?

"Of course it does."

WHat do you think makes a good tradeshow?

"The product, the opportunity, and bringing the buyers and sellers where they can make a deal, and both of them feel happy about the deal."





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