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Kingpins cancels Amsterdam show

By Kristopher Fraser

Jul 24, 2020


The pandemic is bringing havoc to the global tradeshow circuit. The latest victim is beloved denim tradeshow Kingpins. Kingpins Amsterdam will not be holding their originally planned show for October.

Although the Netherlands is allowing events with restrictions, and Kingpins had a large venue that would've easily allowed for social distancing, the organization doesn't believe that with COVID-19 still affecting the world they should move forward this year.

"COVID-19 is not a local problem to resolve. It’s global. And it’s not going away, at least not yet, regardless of the laws," said Andrew Olah, founder of Kingpins Show and Kingpins24, in a statement.

Olah said that Kingpins couldn't have held a show drawing in exhibitors and much of Europe and realistically expect everyone to come. He found the idea of staying in hotels and public places and wanting to fly not practical given the current state of the world.

"A friend of mine flew recently to Los Angeles and after coming home he felt that he might have compromised his family. He has two young children and a parent. On his return, he said he went to sleep every night worrying that his trip could have infected him and his family," Olah said in a statement. "And that is where we all are. We all wonder whether we will catch the virus or will carry it to our families, friends and colleagues. Even those with antibodies — like me — constantly worry how long immunity will last and if the next exposure will be lethal."

Despite having to sadly cancel one of denim's biggest and most popular tradeshows on the calendar, Kingpins had been finding ways of keeping denim lovers and their network connected. Kingpins24 has held two virtual events. They are also working with Material Exchange to develop other online solutions to keep the denim business moving forward.

photo: via kingpinsshow.com