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Lineapelle vendors focused on unique leather offerings

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: Lineapelle Facebook page

Between supply chain issues and brands hopping on board with leather alternatives, the leather goods industry is having a tougher time than usual. Renewed hope for leather goods came in the form of this season’s Lineappele tradeshow, where many Italian leather goods manufacturers, primarily for Italy, descended upon New York. The vendors were there to remind us that leather goods were still in full force, and the client base is still going strong.

What leather buyers are looking for now is new trends in leather to help make a statement. The industry is moving the needle on sustainability, so this season’s key topic was what customers want. As fashion is becoming progressively more individualistic and consumers, particularly consumers in Gen-Z, want more standout pieces, leather manufacturers are figuring out more unique offerings.

Stellitalia, an Italy-based familial leather goods manufacturer, has worked to expand their color offerings, so they now have over 90 colors in stock. One of their signature leather offerings is a laminated embossed leather that they presented at this year’s Lineappele trend seminar.

Shearling, which has long been a staple of outerwear, is also now in demand among leather goods buyers. Italy-based leather goods showroom Baldereschi has found the demand for shearling has increased from buyers not only wanting it for coats, but handbags as well.

“Shearling is an evergreen article, so as buyers interest increased in sustainability and creating long-lasting products, the demand for shearling has increased,” a representative for Baldereschi said to FashionUnited. “Shearling is most in demand in winter, but it’s moved beyond just being bought for coats and outerwear. Buyers are ordering shearling for shoes, trims, and linings on tote bags as well.”

Spain-based Eustaquio Canto Cano has noticed their top trending buys include honey-colored pony hair, colorful embossed leather, and metallics. “Printed leathers and pony hairs are out,” a representative for the company said. “Our top buys are for colorful metallics and our crocodile embossed leathers. Everyone is loving color right now.”

From shoes to handbags, leather goods are taking a much more colorful look in the coming year. The demand for non-neutral leathers is rising. More shearling totes will hit department stores within the next year too.

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