Swimwear and lingerie buyers, time to make a few adjustments to your calendar, because UBM Advanstar, the company behind the production of Magic, Project, and Enk Vegas trade shows has now formed a venture with Eurovet, producer of the Curvexpo lingerie and swimwear show in Las Vegas And New York, to launch a brand new joint swimwear show titled CurveNV@Magic.

The new show will be set for August 17th to the 19th at Las Vegas Convention Center, and will showcase all the lingerie brands associated with the two shows. They will also be looking to try and capitalize their connections together to try and bring more vendors to the trade show. The new show will be under the management of Curvexpo according to Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, the CEO of Curvexpo USA.

While Curvexpo seems to be handling a lot of the logistical aspects of the actual show venue itself, Magic seems to be taking on a lot of the marketing aspects of the show. The motive behind the joint venture was that the two companies saw this as a way to better improve their swimwear and lingerie offerings to the West Coast. In a statement, Hurstel said, “This partnership is a great combination that will allow us to better serve the West Coast and international buyers by offering them a comprehensive selection of swimwear and lingerie brands.”

Information for the new joint venture will be available on the Curvexpo website, while full collections and e-commerce capabilities will be made available through Magic’s retail platform shopthefloor.com. UBM Advanstar will be further expanding its massive portfolio with this venture. They currently have a whopping 54 trade shows under their belt, which is nothing to scoff at. Eurovet will be furthering stabilizing their already immaculate international presence with endeavor. The company also operates trade shows in Paris, Hong Kong, and Moscow. While August is a ways away, buyers will have plenty of time to prepare for this exciting new endeavor which will help them better curate their swimwear options for their boutiques.





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