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MRket trade show proves to be a success for vendors

By Kristopher Fraser

Jul 22, 2016

While runway shows are what bring attention to brands and help get them PR, the business of getting wholesale accounts and retail partners is often left up to tradeshows. MRket has long been one of the top trade shows in New York City, and has drawn in buyers, designers, and editors from all around the globe. This season was no exception.

Top brands like Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, and Vineyard Vines were there looking at expanding their wholesale business and number of retail doors. By day three, the show was winding to a close, but many brands said that the event proved to be very successful for their business, with many representatives saying they expect to be in 10 to 15 new doors within the next year after this trade show.

Allison Spiro is the co-founder and creative director of Camp Hero, an accessories company that focuses on designing vintage-inspired accessories. Their belts retail for 165 dollars at retail, and they have been slowing seeing success as they did a belt last year for J. Crew. Their retail partners now include everyone from boutiques in Hawaii to Nantucket.

"Our goal here is to really build up the brand," Spiro said. "We just launched some belts with Nicole Mormon, who has a shop in Munich, and so far she is our only international customer. This tradeshow has been great for getting us to chat more with international customers as we try and grow the brand."

Lenor Romano of Lenor Romano LLC had stepped away from doing MRket for several years, and this season marked her return.

"People complain that these shows aren't like back in the day when the lines were ten people deep to get in, and I tell them get over it," Romano said. "You don't want to see just your existing customers, you want to see new customers. That magic happened for me here, and I'm very happy to have attended."

Kim Gillie, an account executive at Hugo Boss, was in attendance at MRket for the first time representing Hugo Boss's Hugo line, otherwise known as Hugo Red.

"Hugo Boss's Red collection isn't put into our own stores, so this a great opportunity for us to finally get speciality store partners," Gillie said. "I think there is a great opportunity for Hugo to grow because it's a premier brand that's top quality and is at a lower price point than a luxury label, but more high-end than fast-fashion."

MRket has seen another successful season, and has left many vendors very satisfied.

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