My Size, Inc. the developer and creator of smartphone measurement applications, concluded a hugely successful first three days at CES in Las Vegas on January 9 through 11, and expects continued interest over the next few days from potential customers, as well as from apparel and tech media. MySizeID, the Company's revolutionary patented body measurement technology, designed to transform the way apparel is purchased online, is being unveiled at CES. A video that demonstrates MySizeID's capabilities and benefits for online retailers was also launched at CES.

"MySizeID has been received with excitement and enthusiasm during the first three days of CES. Our booth was visited by a large number of online retailers seeking to improve their customers' shopping experience. We had meetings and highly productive discussions with some of the leading retailers in the world. Apparel retailers know that their customers prefer to shop online and simply want to make a purchase that is the right size the first time they order. We believe that MySizeID provides the key to unlocking further growth in the multi-billion dollar online apparel market, while improving economics for retailers and giving consumers a more satisfying shopping experience," said My Size CEO, Ronen Luzon. "In an online clothing market, estimated to be valued at over 72 billion dollars in the U.S. alone, 70 percent of apparel returns are size related, while 32 percent of shoppers don't purchase fashion online because of uncertainly around size and fit. My Size has the technology to address this weakness in the e-commerce economy and we believe our solutions will deliver clear financial results for our customers."

MySizeID enables consumers to measure their body using their smartphones, allowing the application to determine the correct size for clothing provided online. The technology reflects a conceptual revolution that may significantly reduce the margin of error experienced by consumers who purchase the wrong size online and may increase consumer confidence in online purchases on matters relating to size.

The Annual CES Trade Show in Las Vegas is considered among the main platforms for introducing innovations and advanced technologies. The show attracts over 3,900 companies, manufacturers, developers, tech, software and hardware experts. Over 170,000 participants of about 150 countries are expected to participate in the trade show.