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PI Apparel returns to Medellín this October

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Credits: PI Apparel Event in Medellín

PI Apparel is returning to Colombia this October for the second edition of PI Apparel Medellín. This year will have a key focus on Production & Supply Chain and Innovation. Key players from Colombian and US brands will come together to explore which technologies and practices are changing the face of the Colombian fashion industry.

Colombia is expected to become the next big nearshoring hub for the US as the textiles and apparel sectors are among the most dynamic in the Colombian economy, representing around 7.7% of the industrial GDP. Built upon over 100 years of tradition and extensive networks of private and public partners, the Colombian apparel market has grown exponentially. The country’s location, in addition to its access to 680 international ports, positions Colombia as a favourable export platform to supply foreign demand with competitive delivery times.

The diversification of technology within the Colombian market must also not be underestimated. From products such as Fibretex, which recycles textile waste into fibre, to brands like Offcorss which have produced a fully functional store in the metaverse, the possibilities seem endless.

According to the Environmental Performance Index of Yale University, Colombia also ranks first in Latin America in applying ethical practices and sustainable development. With the US being a primary commercial partner, brands such as Patagonia are finding sourcing options in Colombia to make advancements in working conditions and sustainable policies.

Key topics at PI Apparel Medellín include:

  • Sustainable Textile Solutions for the Fashion Market
  • Productivity Along The Supply Chain - Finding The Best Practices
  • How To Use Augmented Reality To Engage With The Consumer
  • What It Takes To Be a Trusted Supplier
  • Nearshoring: Why is Colombia a Strategic Partner?

Key speakers include:

  • Pat Trautman, President, Global Garment Engineering
  • Tiffany Radon, Managing of Technical Design, Carhartt
  • Luis Londono, CTO, Monastery Couture
  • Isaac Korn, Senior Director of Innovation, Perry Ellis International
  • Juliana Villegas Restrepo, Exports Vice President, ProColombia

This event will be the ideal opportunity to see how the Latin American Apparel Market is digitally evolving and explore the many doors this is opening for companies both in Colombia and globally. Build connections with industry leaders, gain the latest knowledge of industry trends and explore the latest technology solutions all in one place this October! Please note that delegate registration is only open to valid end user delegates, namely brands, retailers and manufacturers.

Read more about the event here.

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