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Revolver Copenhagen to bring Scandinavia to Pitt Uomo 94

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Revolver Copenhagen Int. Fashion Trade Show, one of the leading Danish trade fair has signed a new partnership with Pitti Uomo to introduce a series of Scandinavian brands to the Italian trade show.

From the next edition of Pitti Uomo, running from June 12 to 15, Revolver will present the "Scandinavian Manifesto" a new show space featuring emerging and established brands. Located in the Arena Strozzi space at the Fortezza da Basso, the new space will be home to approximately 15 Scandinavian menswear brands. In addition, a number of contemporary design leaders from the Nordic furniture, art, and culinary scene will also be present.

"It is in the DNA of Pitti Immagine to research today's most interesting countries for contemporary fashion," said Lapo Cianchi, Director of Communications and Special Projects at Pitti Immagine in a statement. "The selection curated at Pitti Uomo by Revolver, one of the most interesting trade shows in Europe, consists of young menswear designers next to already established brands."

The new partnership between the two events aims to strengthen visitors understanding of the Scandinavian lifestyle and cultures while supporting its growth within the contemporary menswear scene. The collaboration between Pitti Uomo and Revolver is set to last at least three seasons.

"On their own, each of them conveys their own individual ideas, while together all are expressing the essence of Scandinavian design and lifestyle," Cianchi added. "We are very satisfied with this partnership established between Pitti Immagine and Revolver, which will strengthen the appeal of this season even more."

The final list of brands set to participate in the first Scandinavian Manifesto will be revealed within the next month.

Photos: Courtesy of Revolver and Pitti Uomo

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