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5 Essential Lifestyle Trends for 2019

By Vivian Hendriksz

Jan 8, 2018


London - As 2018 begins, trend followers and style conscious consumers are already looking ahead to the key themes and trends that are set to influence their wardrobes, lifestyle, and interiors. However, even though the new year may have only just begun, key retailers across the globe are already anticipating what the main trends of 2019 are set to be as they plan their upcoming collections. So what key themes are set to shape shoppers looks for 2019? FashionUnited shares 5 main trends for 2019 from forecasting insiders WGSN with you below.

Seasonal Versatility

Although trans-season designs have been important for a number of years now, 2019 has been highlighted as the year in which products which adapt to seasonal conditions will become mainstream. As consumers continue to travel further across the globe and climate change deepens, consumers will demand outerwear for every type of season, and a wardrobe to match. Products with interchangeable linings, detachable hoods, or sleeves and waterproof layers will be in high demand as they appeal to the urban nomads.

A prime example of this trend is Ravean heated jackets. The down heated jacket comes with a 12V battery which can be used to heat the jacket (or charge your mobile phone), making it comfortable in temperatures varying between minus 23C and 12C

The New Formal

Over the past few years distinctions made between casual wear and formal wear have been increasingly blurred, thanks to the rise in athleisure wear, more relaxed office dress codes as well as the emergence of new work and home lifestyles. However tailoring is set to make a comeback in 2019, as power dressing makes its way back into the workplace as well as into consumers social lives. A little more rebellious than before, key dress codes will include oversized or boxy blazers paired with streetwear bottoms, such as joggers.

Early influencers of this trend include the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration for AW ‘17, Mix Master and Theory’s 2.0 collection.

Multi-tasking Mirrors

Multifunctional and modular trends are not just influencing the fashion industry - they are also driving design trends across interiors. One of the main trends set to go mainstream in 2019 is multi-tasking mirrors. What does this trend exactly entail? Think mirrors which are incorporated into furniture, or double-tasking mirrors which also work as a lighting device, entertainment systems, and even health trackers - don't be surprised if by 2019 your mirror will be telling you you're running low on vitamin D or running late for a meeting.

A clear example of the future of mirrors comes from US retail giant Amazon, who recently filed for a patent for a “blended-reality” mirror, which could offer consumers the possibility to try on any outfit, in any location from the comforts of their home. The blended-reality mirror would use a system of cameras, projectors, displays, mirrors, and lighting which could add layers of pixels to a moving image on a screen based on a real-time basis.

Animal Alternatives

As an increasing number of consumers around the globe are showing more and more interest in sustainability, sustainable fabrics and vegan alternatives have become somewhat of a hot topic as of late. In 2019, the sustainable materials are predicted to go mainstream, as consumers seek over more responsible alternatives for their wardrobes to suit their changing lifestyles. An increase in products made from lyocell and tencell has already been noted, whereas leading Italian fashion house Gucci previously made headlines last autumn pledging to go fur-free.

MoMA’s Items: Is Fashion Modern also featured alternative animal-free fabrics as a key theme, showing casing animal-free leather produced from genetically modified yeast and Bolt Threads x Stella McCartney's collaboration on synthetic silk.

The Gladiator Sandal

An item which has withstood the test of time is set to make its comeback in 2019: the Gladiator Sandal. Although these sandals haven’t been in mainstream style since the early 2000s, 2019 is set to change this as the rise of the 90s influence will lead to renewed interest in bohemian styles for spring and summer - think Sienna Miller and Kate Moss at festivals.

WGSN has linked the return of the gladiator sandal to the increased interest in knee high and over the knee boots, which is set to pace the way for statement-making sandals. This trend has already been seen on the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2018 at the likes of Valentino, Altuzarra, and Dolce and Gabbana.

Homepage Photo credits (left to right): Valentino SS'18 via Catwalkpictures, Mirror via Pexels and Stella McCartney x Bolt Threads via Bolt Threads
Photo 1: Ravean heated women's down jackets, courtesy of Ravean
Photo 2: Louis Vuitton x Supreme AW'17, via Catwalkpictures
Photo 3: Mirrors, via Pexels
Photo 4: Bolt Threads x Stella McCartney and Biosilk body, via Bolt Threads
Photo 5 (left to right) : Altuzarra, Valentino and Dolce and Gabbana SS'18, via Catwalkpictures

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