7 Pokémon Go tips for fashion retailers

London - The recently launched Pokémon Go has not only taken over the digital world - the immensely popular mobile app is rapidly leaving its marks all over the real world as well. Thanks to its innovative use of augmented reality, Pokémon Go players are forced to venture out into the actual world to capture and train Pokémon if they want to become a successful trainer. The popularity of the game is expected to continuing growing as it is rolled out in new terriorites, so how can fashion retailers tap into the hype surrounding Pokémon Go? FashionUnited lists it top 7 tips on how retailers can boost foot fall and sales using Pokémon Go.

1. Location is key, are you near a Gym or Pokéstop? Find out where these key spots are in the game and use them to boost footfall to your store.

2. Use Lures, an in-game purchase, to attract more players to your store. Each Lure last 30 minutes, so try using one to boost foot traffic during a quiet hour.

3. Sponsored Pokémon Go locations will be launched in the near future, offering retailers the perfect opportunity to sponsor a Gym or Pokéstop in store.

4. Create a Pokémon Hunt or Crawl and bring like-minded players together in store. Encourage trainers to battle it out and reward Gym leaders, or reward players who catch rare Pokémon in store.

5. Launch an social media/in store Pokémon incentive to increase your brand presence. Offer trainers a discount if they catch Pokémon in your store and share a screenshot of the Pokémon via social media using a custom hashtag.

6. Use Pokémon as an online marketing tool - share snap shots of the Pokémon seen in your store online or offer players discount if they have reached a certain level of in-game achievement.

7. Create a Pokémon capsule collection. Think of Pokémon inspired t-shirts, accessories or pieces players would want to wear while out hunting for wild Pokémon.

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7 Pokémon Go tips for fashion retailers Infographic: Bargain Fox UK





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