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A Fresh Perspective on Circular Fashion

By Sponsor

Oct 6, 2020

Brave Soles are hand crafted shoes and accessories designed with upcycled materials. In particular, the soles of their shoes are hand cut from reclaimed tires from landfill and dumping grounds in the Dominican Republic.

Born out of a response to the health and environmental crises caused by discarded tires in that country, Brave Soles has carved out a brand that offers a unique, equitable, and circular solution.

Reclaimed tires for soles is not a new concept for footwear. It started almost 100 years ago as an ingenious use of resources in many impoverished communities around the world.

However, shoes that customers will fall in love with and then realize they have upcycled tire soles are what Christal Earle, founder of Brave Soles, wanted to create.

“I envisioned products that would be classic, minimal and make people proud to talk about. My work with landfill workers and vulnerable communities over the past decade opened my eyes to the possibilities of what we could create with a simple business model and a passion for quality. There is an abundance of skilled artisans and makers here in the country that simply need access to the market. We are in partnership with them to build something better, together.”

Brave Soles are hand crafted and produced with numerous small batch suppliers and artisans across the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Their signature tire soles soles are sourced from local landfills and dumping grounds in partnership with local suppliers. Suppliers set their own pricing and agreements are crafted in partnership with Brave Soles about how they will be sourced and stored.

Brave Soles’ processes are simple, transparent and continually evolving to incorporate even more reclaimed materials.

Each item is created with three main values in mind: transparent pricing, minimal esthetic and as little processing and new materials as possible.

The result is beautiful products that are fairly priced and sustainable, all while inspiring people to think about the power of their choices in fashion.

Finding beautiful fashion that's kind to both people AND planet can be difficult and expensive. Brave Soles is helping to create a better future for both - at a fair price.

“We want our customers and fans to love their choices and proudly share the story behind what they own.”

Christal Earle, founder of Brave Soles