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Adidas debuts lifestyle app All Day

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

Jul 13, 2017


Adidas is to go beyond sport and fitness with the launch of a new lifestyle app.

The German sportswear giant introduced 'All Day', a new application that incorporates not only physical activity but also numerous information about health and lifestyle. In addition training goals there are yoga classes, meal information and advice on meditation and sleep. Specially designed for female users, the app is made up of experts divided into 4 themed areas: movement, nutrition, meditation and rest.

Meg Burich, the marketing strategy of the project, told the Fast Company web magazine Adidas has a desire to provide users with a long-term service that does not only provide fragmented information: "This is the key, we wanted to create an experience that could add value over time and could merge all these 4 areas into one place." Each month a new programme will be launched and added to its existing roster.

All Day will be promoted by influencers, industry experts such as yoga teacher Adriene Mishler, coach Stephen Cheuk and will have soundtracks created by Nina Las Vegas. For the promotion of the app, Adidas will organize specific events in different cities, launches on its social channels as well as collaborating with partner influencers.

Adidas is not the only sportswear company to have embarked on the lifestyle scene, other brands include Nike, Asics and Under Armor, who have developed separate apps which specifically address a lifestyle subject.

There are 13 discoveries available in the adidas All Day app as well as tools for users to create their own custom game-plan. According to adidas, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro athlete, you’ll find something to enhance your life and get you closer to your goals.

Photo credit:Adidas All Day app, source: Adidas.com