Adidas Gazelle gets remixed

Another of Adidas' iconic footwear styles, the Gazelle, is having a renewed fashion moment after it has been remixed by digital artist Douglas Abraham.

Abraham is best known by his Instagram tag @bessnyc4, where he showcases his collages of high fashion campaigns interspersed with pornographic photography, bondage and horror movie references.

For Adidas Originals @bessnyc4 took an iconic photograph from 1993 of Kate Moss wearing Gazelle trainers and spliced it to create a new photomontage. The print and video creative campaign was inspired by “Steal from history. Nothing is sacred.” and told through the narrative of re-appropriation and reinvention, reads a statement from Adidas.

Last year Abraham told Dazed Digital: “Combining images with other images for me was a way to feel engaged. When I'm putting one kind of picture with another kind of picture, it's definitely about the choices about one or the other. It becomes like another thing, an image having a conversation with another image. I think it was like trying to find a way to startle myself or to have some experience of a compelling moment of looking. I think it’s good when they have urgency to it.”

“Collective memory provides us with the inspiration to create our future”, says Nic Galway, VP of Global Design, adidas Originals. “With the re-launch of Gazelle, we looked to the original cultural references that defined the authenticity of the style. Kate Moss has always had a connection to the adidas Originals brand and her affection for Gazelle during the ‘90s is a testament to the ways the silhouette has been adopted into style and pop culture.”

Image:Adidas Gazelle Kate Moss @bessnyc4





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