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Apple and WME/IMG bidding for new fashion channel

By Kristopher Fraser

Oct 22, 2015

Apple and WME/IMG are bidding for something a lot of fashionistas have longed for, a TV channel devoted entirely to fashion. This, Made2Measure debuted exclusively on Apple TV, proving Apple continues to be the number one tech brand in fashion. Between brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Play Comme des Garcon designing phone cases for their iPhones, and the hiring of former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to be their senior vice president, retail and online stores, it's no secret Apple certainly loves fashion.

Everyday, it seems like fashion and technology are becoming more intertwined. In an era where people can't live without technology, and fashion being a continuously adapting art form, it only makes sense that the two would eventually find themselves in matrimony. In an announcement by WME/IMG, the line-up for their channel includes several original series like “Iconic,” a look at influential figures in the world of fashion, and “Tea at the Beatrice,” an interview series hosted by Glenn O’Brien with guests including Gisele Bundchen, Proenza Schouler and Richard Prince.

Made2Measure launches on Apple TV

This show is also void of traditional reality fashion television programs like "Project Runway" or "America's Next Top Model", and focuses more on the culture of the fashion industry. The aforementioned reality series garnered huge ratings in their prime, and are some of the most long-running and successful shows surrounding the fashion industry to date (although America's Next Top Model announced their current 22nd second season would be their final one.) However, they didn't get more into the culture of fashion, and were more about the competition.

TV shows like the reality program about CFDA/Vogue's fashion fund competition garnered a much smaller audience, even though it featured Anna Wintour, arguably the most famous fashion editor in the world. The audience for fashion television programs is a small niche audience, but is there. The question is, how will Apple and WME/IMG manage to really capitalize on something for such a specific audience?

The question of if viewers will watch is waiting to be seen. Apple is hoping that the new channel will motivate fashion lovers to sign up for Apple TV, and we'll know whether or not this has any affect in a week's time or so. As a multi-billion dollar industry, one would hope that fashion would at least be able to carry a television channel on its own.