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Apple's iMessage could be the next app for brands to conquer

By Don-Alvin Adegeest



Apple on Wednesday debuted a new iPhone 7 and IOS 10 software in a keynote that was streamed live on its website.

While most of the media focused on the lack of a headphone jack and its similar design to its predecessor, the new software update could see iMessage be a key platform for brands and marketers.

Apple's updated iMessage platform will make it easier for brands to build mobile experiences, while communicating and sharing content, like advanced emoji keyboards and stickers, according to Azher Ahmed, director of digital at Chicago DDB.

Sharing expected to increase five-fold

"We expect to see sharing increase five times because it will be such a frictionless process to install apps," Mr. Brucculeri told AdAge.

Brands will try to advance their e-commerce sales that incorporate Apple Pay into messaging, especially as messenger has over 1 billion users.

The more brands that build right into the iPhone's mobile messaging app, the less reliant they are on third parties such as Facebook. "Brands can roll out their own content and they're not held hostage to social," Mr. Ahmed said.

iMessage is open to developers

The biggest change to iMessages is more behind the scenes, noted MacWorld. Facebook Messenger and WeChat maybe the go-to apps for messaging but Apple’s decision to open up iMessage to developers makes it clear that the company has plans of its own.

The new software development kit allows developers to build extensions that bring their app experiences directly into Messages. In iOS 10, brands can create content that can be shared straightforwardly in-app.

The full keynote can be viewed at www.apple.com.

Photo credit:Iphone 7, IOS 10, Apple.com