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At Paris Fashion Week, Undercover gave its audience butterflies

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Undercover SS24 056 Credits: Spotlight Launchmetrics

In a truly remarkable display at Paris Fashion Week, designer Jun Takahashi of Undercover unveiled a collection that featured skirts brimming with living butterflies, resulting in an utterly mesmerizing and surreal spectacle. The final moments of the show were particularly enchanting, as models adorned in illuminated miniskirt prom dresses revealed gardens, flowers, and real butterflies within. Takahashi later announced that these butterflies would be set free after the show, adding a poetic touch to the presentation.

Undercover SS24 001a Credits: Spotlight Launchmetrics

The collection hinted at its breathtaking finale with earlier pieces, such as skirts embellished with roses and spiders in delicate shades of pink and white, layered atop sheer tulle. The transparency of the fabric offered glimpses into hidden details, much like the opening look featuring a blazer with a sheer body that unveiled the contents of a pocket—two cards, a lucky seven, and an ace.

Undercover SD24 054 Credits: Spotlight Launchmetrics

Jun Takahashi, akin to many of his Japanese peers showcasing in Paris, demonstrated his technical prowess, allowing his garments to answer questions that had not yet been asked. His designs straddle the realms of streetwear and avant-garde, teeming with symbolism.

As the show venue, a carpark, dimmed its lights for the grand finale, the tulle-wrapped chandeliers on the floors took on a new, dreamy significance. However, it was the enchantment of the butterfly-filled skirts, with their carefully curated terrariums, that left the audience spellbound.

Undercover SS24 055b Credits: Spotlight Launchmetrics
Jun Takahashi
Paris Fashion Week