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Balenciaga debuting fall collection via video game

By Kristopher Fraser


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Balenciaga is taking a very unconventional approach to its fall/winter 2021 collection. This time the Kering-owned brand will be showcasing their latest collection via video game. The video game will be called “Afterworld” and will be released on December 6.

The game will be set in the year 2031. The clothes will be futuristic inspired. Balenciaga continues to be one of the crown jewels of Kering’s portfolio alongside Gucci.

After the coronavirus pandemic, Balenciaga has been rethinking how it shows its collections on the fashion calendar. Typically, December is when brands debut pre-fall collections, but instead Balenciaga is opting to show fall/winter what would typically be two to three months ahead of schedule, as most fall/winter collections debut at Fashion Month from February to early March.

photo: via balenciaga.com