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Been London teams up with Biophilica to craft fully home compostable concept collection

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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A compostable concept collection made with Treekind Credits: Been London

Accessories brand Been London has partnered with biotechnology company Biophilica to create a collection of fully home compostable products using the plastic-free leather alternative Treekind. The collection includes a tote and small leather goods like a keyring and coin purse, all designed with their end-of-life considerations in mind. Been London has been testing Biophilica's Treekind over the last two years to develop the world's first fully home-compostable bag.

The concept collection is based on systemic design thinking and includes Biophilica's patented Treekind material, Coate Tre Cerchi Biodegradable cotton thread, Biophilica's biobased glue, and Been London's thoughtful design elements. The collaboration began in 2021 with a shared vision for sustainable goods and resulted in the creation of the prototype in the same year.

Genia, Founder and CEO of Been London, said the product's waste-free lifecycle and challenge of matching various components with Treekind’s end-of-life considerations. Through their partnership, Been London and Biophilica aim to showcase the potential of designing fully compostable products in an industry often associated with waste.

Treekind is a unique leather alternative that's biobased and compostable, making it relevant for environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable alternatives to conventional leather and synthetic materials. The sustainable material is produced by Biophilica, a company founded in 2019, focused on leather alternatives made from lignocellulosic feedstocks. Their products are plastic-free, biobased, and compostable, with a commitment to non-toxic and environmentally friendly production practices.

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