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Belda Llorens and Ecolife, the European leader in sustainable yarns

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Image: Belda Llorens

Get to know their Best Sellers

With more than 60 years of know-how, 65,000 m2 of facilities, a yarn stock of 2 million kg, and more than 1,500 different products, Belda Llorens has become a "must" in the textile industry.

The company currently exports to more than 50 countries, and practically 100% of its sales are already in sustainable yarns.

Through its brand Ecolife Yarns®, Belda Llorens is continuously driving innovation, developing new recycled products, applying blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of its yarns, and researching new ways of using colour while reducing consumption as much as possible. All Ecolife products are pre-certified and provide incredible savings in water, energy, plastics, and CO2. Last year, in 2021, Ecolife became a carbon-neutral company. That is their philosophy, and that is the way forward.

Image: Belda Llorens

Belda Llorens and Ecolife’s Best Sellers are in great demand in the textile sector. Examples include ECotton, made from 60% recycled cotton and 40% BCI cotton, as well as EBestCotton, the most sustainable coloured cotton on the market. Made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton, EBestCotton is a must-have in many of the collections of the best manufacturers and brands in the sector. Moreover, the colour of these yarns comes from the recycled cotton itself, so no chemical dyes are used. Another unique product is EViscose, which was the first GRS- and FSC-certified viscose. The company is also working with Good Earth Cotton, a carbon-positive cotton that sequesters more carbon than it emits. Belda Llorens and Ecolife will soon present new proposals, such as recycled flax and hemp-derived products.

Ecolife has undoubtedly become a benchmark in the textile sector. More and more brands and manufacturers are turning to Ecolife yarns as a safe bet when it comes to guaranteeing and ensuring the sustainability of their garments.

Belda Llorens