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Best Of: FashionUnited's Top 6 Series from 2016

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - With the start of 2017 just a day away, FashionUnited takes time to reflect back on the year past. In this ‘Best Of’ 2016 review, we roundup our top 6 innovative and original series below to share with you.

Inside the Big, Fat Wedding Industry

Wedding are big business - the global wedding industry is estimated to be worth over 300 billion dollars and continues to grow. Even though the wedding industry witnessed a dip from 2008 to mid-2010, the market has bounced back and is stronger than before, with everyone from caterers, wedding consultants, bridal wear designers, beauty salons, jewellers, photographers, DJs, florists to honeymoon tour organisers and hotel industry thriving on the growing prospects of the industry. In this series, FashionUnited took a look at the trends influencing the wedding industry in 4 of the world’s biggest wedding markets: India, Spain, the US and China.

(Re)defining Sustainability

Sustainability - perhaps one of the most used words within the fashion industry of the year. Once seen as a niche, hippy-dip part of the fashion industry, being eco-conscious has rapidly become one of the most debated and important aspects of the market. Everyone from luxury fashion houses to fast-fashion retailers is responding to mounting consumer interest and 'going green.' For some brands this means cutting down on their stores greenhouse gas emissions or using recycled plastics and cardboard to ship their products. For others, it means finding suitable manufacturers closer to home, to cut down on CO2 emissions. Yet, for other companies 'going green' means creating a collection made from recycled fabrics, plastics or organic cotton. In this 6 part series FashionUnited asks what it means to be sustainable within the industry, how we can work to be become even more ‘green’?

The It Bag

At some point in the 1990s, ‘It’ handbags became one of the ultimate sign of status and high-end taste in fashion. If there is one category of luxury goods that remains more coveted than any other, arguably even more than diamonds, it would be have to be designer handbags. So-called It bags are a category of handbags that meet several criteria including being high priced, coming from a luxury label, and being a best-seller for the brand in question. In this 4 part series FashionUnited looks at the rise of the It-Bag, its current status and future position.

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