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Bill Cunningham exhibit launching during New York Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser


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Bill Cunningham, the legendary street style photographer who spent decades photographing New York’s best dressed at New York Fashion Week, is getting his own exhibition during New York Fashion Week. The exhibition is the work of documentary filmmaker Mark Bozek, who planned to release a documentary based on Bill Cunningham, but then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Rather than going away with a traditional documentary release, Bozek has designed to celebrate Cunningham’s life with an immersive exhibition titled “Experience the Times of Bill Cunningham”, which will open on September 12 during New York Fashion Week.

The exhibit will span two stores and 18,000-square-feet featuring six distinct spaces. Experiences include a staircase where guests outfits can be digitally transformed and an ever-changing gallery space. There will also be large-scale reproductions of Cunningham’s most famous photos and recordings of Cunningham’s most notable video and audio interviews. Cunningham’s iconic Biria bicycle is also featured in the exhibit.

The documentary, “The Times of Bill Cunningham,” will still be released simultaneously on a global basis through Live Rocket, Bozek’s new company. Cunningham’s career spans over six decades, passing away in 2016 to the heartbreak of the fashion industry.

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