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BRIGHT goes public: full programme at the skate show

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This season, Bright trade show, which is dedicated to skateboarding and everything that goes with the skate lifestyle, is throwing open its gates to the community outside the fashion scene. “The entire skate universe is invited, so everyone can experience the streetwear collections, hero brands, active challenges and the energy of this unique community – for the love of skateboarding,” as the organisers put it.

And there’s plenty of action planned. This season, adidas Skateboarding and Skatedeluxe have joined forces to create a street course for those in the industry and other people in the skate community to use. Activities like skate sessions can be held here; there are art installations to check out and visitors can get up close and personal with the various brands.

Too often, women are merely a footnote on the skate scene. The organisers want to change this and are inviting women who bring something to the scene through their work. This includes Clara Knör, who works as an illustrator: “More and more women are getting into skateboarding and they are getting increasing attention. That’s cool, because women are getting more respect in the skate world and there are more pros now who are role models for younger girls. At the end of the day, though, the special thing about skateboarding is that, male or female, you define yourself as an individual. You make your own fun and create your own values.”

Bright will kick off on 3 July from 5.40pm, celebrating skate demos by big-name international and local skaters at Wilde Renate. Well-known DJs will also be in residence, along with a sizzling BBQ, ice-cold drinks and bright sunshine.

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