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Burberry and DFS collaborate for capsule collection

By Kristopher Fraser


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If it wasn't enough for them to come off of a critically acclaimed runway show just last night, Burberry has launched a capsule collection with DFS. The 22-piece collection will arrive in stores at DFS and T Galleria on Wednesday.

The Hong Kong-based DFS will be carrying a collection that comprises both apparel and accessories. The line includes a Sandringham trench coat with a studded collar, a new version of the bridle bag with in wine and black with gold studs, and scarves featuring the brand's signature check pattern. The prices range from 1300 Hong Kong dollars to 20,000 Hong Kong dollars.

Burberry was smart to do this so after their groundbreaking see-now-buy-now show, as their name will currently be high on the google search feed. People already have plenty to talk about following their runway show. They can even shop the Burberry line that just showed, as by virtue of their see-now-buy-now model, the clothes are already available.

DFS, which owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, has been working with luxury brands outside of the ones they already own to secure special collection merchandise. In August, the company collaborated with Hong Kong based designer Johanna Ho for Puma for their newly expanded Gallery T store in in Macau.

Asia is seeing an increasingly competitive retail market now that it is bouncing back economically. Retailers in China have begun stocking their floor with more luxury goods, and Chinese based designers are trying to get into the big name department stores to compete with luxury brands.

The retail scene is bouncing back, and luxury brands are taking notice. Asia was originally looked at as the next region to focus on for luxury retail sector growth, but once the economy began to suffer, luxury retailers pulled way.

Things are looking up for Asia though, and fashion is already taking notice and new forms.