A proposed law that would ban the sale of fur products in California continues forward in the legislative process, bringing the state one step closer to creating a statewide consistency regarding the subject for vendors and retailers. Assembly Bill 44, written by Assemblymember Laura Friedman, passed 9 to 2 on March 26.

While a statewide law has not yet been passed, cities in California have already begun to take a stance on the issue, with Los Angeles as the latest to take action against fur products. The Southern California city’s ban which will begin January 2021. Other cities including San Francisco and Berkeley are among those that have passed their own bans.

If the bill is signed into law, California would issue a ban on manufacturing along with the fur sales. According to WWD, first-time fines would be 500 dollars, increasing with each violation, going up to 1,000 dollars.

In objection to the bill, organizations such as the International Fur Federation have offered an alternative in its global certification program Furmark. The program would provide a record of the supply chain for consumers.





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