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Celtic & Co. launches resole, repair, resale and recycle service

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Celtic & Co. craftsmanship Credits: Celtic & Co.

Sustainable fashion brand Celtic & Co. is rolling out its in-house circular service that resoles, repairs, resells and recycles customers' products following a soft launch in September.

The initiative aims to prolong the life of its customers' products by providing a sustainable alternative to sending their pre-loved clothing and footwear to landfill.

The service has been achievable following an expansion of Celtic & Co.’s manufacturing capabilities at its own factory in Newquay, where its sheepskin boots and slippers have been handcrafted since 1990, to include repair as well as resole.

Zoe Bray, managing director at Celtic & Co., said in a statement: “Our sheepskin boots are designed to stand the test of time; made from the finest quality, British sheepskin and finished with a hard-wearing rubber sole, but they can begin to look a little loved after a few winters.

“Through our resole and repair service, we can restore your boots by replacing the sole, heel and toe panels, giving them a brand-new lease of life, which is something we’ve always offered. We now also offer repairs to holes, tears, and buttons on our woven and knitwear garments, which is all done by the team in our own factory here in Cornwall.”

The new resale service run directly through the Celtic & Co. website offers customers the opportunity to shop for preloved Celtic garments. Additionally, customers can also send in their Celtic garments in exchange for a voucher or discount off their next purchase for sheepskin coat customers exclusively.

Items that don't meet the quality control requirements for the resale scheme are donated to Royal Trinity Hospice for them to resell in its charity shops.

Bray added: "The final recycle part of our new initiative is something I’m really excited about. We can now transform much-loved knitwear into a pair of Recycled Celtic Knitwear Mules.

"This one-of-a-kind bespoke service is completely unique to Celtic & Co., and something I’m expecting to be popular for gifting particularly around Christmas time."

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