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Chanel buys jasmine fields to ensure No. 5's existence

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: ulta.com

Chanel, to ensure that their famed No. 5 perfume will not be jeopardized, has bought land in southern France to secure its supply of jasmine, which is harvested by hand in a delicate ritual. The news was reported by Reuters.

Chanel’s purchased 10 hectares of land, adding to the 20 hectares is already uses near Grasse. In the 1980s, Chanel entered a deal with the Mul family to anchor production of five flowers in the Pegomas region as they feared jasmine production was moving to other countries.

Jasmine grown in Grasse has a specific scent. Since the 17th century the region has been a fragrance hub. Chanel’s jasmine harvest wasn’t too affected by COVID-19, primarily because workers were able to work outside. Fragrances are a core part of the brand’s business, with fragrance and beauty considered to be the main propeller of the company’s growth.