As podcasts become more and more popular, it seems to be one of the leading ways to reach the masses, and Coach is gearing up to join in. On April 23, the Tapestry Inc. company launched its new weekly podcast series, “Dream It Real.” This new podcast, according to a statement is the brand’s way to reach the next generation and support them in any endeavors they take towards their futures.

The podcast, which will have new episodes released each Wednesday, is hosted by writer and editor Heben Nigatu, one of the 2016 Forbes “30 Under 30” finalists, and will feature celebrities, thought leaders and inspirational young people among its guests.

“I am excited to launch the ‘Dream It Real’ podcast a thought-provoking and inspiring series of unfiltered conversations,” said Carlos Becil, the label’s Global Chief Marketing Officer.

The “Dream It Real” podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, as well as other channels.





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