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Coloro and WGSN: The colour trends for SS25

By Jule Scott


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The colour trends for SS25 from Coloro x WGSN. Image: Coloro

First, the trend research institute WGSN, together with colour experts Coloro, named ‘Future Dusk’ the colour of the year. Now, the duo have announced the full colour spectrum for spring/summer 2025 during a webinar. Amid global change and increasing uncertainty, the duo's key colours convey a sense of reassurance and exert a powerful pull, Coloro said. Moreover, the colours "reflect a significant shift towards strategic imagination". It is these innovative ideas that will be crucial in solving the current global challenges.

The colour trends for SS25 from Coloro x WGSN. Image: Coloro

Future Dusk

The colour of 2025, Future Dusk [129-35-18], seems unusually sombre for a spring/summer season at first glance, but captivating, dark hues will gain prominence in 2025 - even in spring - according to Urangoo Samba, head of colour at WGSN. The moody and captivating hue taps into the current time of transition - be it the shift from darkness to light or dusk to dawn - and is therefore particularly suited to the current changes, he stated. "This reliable blue will go a long way towards reinforcing a sense of confidence and stability, but as a violet it also has a fantastic quality that will dynamically drive the creation of new futures," said Samba.

Future Dusk, the Colour of the Year 2025. Image: Coloro

In addition, the colour is also in line with the current fascination with the second space age and gives it a "celestial aura", Coloro said in a statement. The colour tone is both reliable and futuristic, depending on how you look at it.

Transcendent Pink

With Transcendent Pink [086-70-25], the name does not necessarily say it all, because this is not – as one might assume – a shade of pink, but rather a kind of old rose. Coloro describes Transcendent Pink as an almost imperceptible shade with an earthy and balancing effect, carried by a sense of stability. Moreover, despite its categorisation as a SS25 colour, the shade is cross-seasonal. It is suitable for all genders and demographics, which is why Caroline Guilbert, creative content lead at Coloro, also called it “commercially reliable”.

Transcendent Pink, one of the key colours for SS25 Coloro x WGSN. Image: Coloro

The virtual project 'Metaserai' by the architecture firms Grimshaw, Farshid Moussavi, HWKN and Why, who worked with the NFT and Metaverse company Pax.World, proves that colour is not only grounded in reality, but is also already resonating in the Metaverse. Together, the firms created a virtual world based on the Silk Road, a historical trade route.

Aquatic Awe

The transformative turquoise Aquatic Awe [086-70-25] takes its name from the book "Awe: The Transformative Power of Everyday Wonder" by author Dacher Keltner. Like its namesake work, the colour calls for "cultivating wonder", said Samba. The colour expert counts the shade, which celebrates the strange and wondrous aspects of nature but is also ideal for connecting with the digital world, among her personal favourites for 2025.

Acquatic Awe, one of the key colours for SS25 Coloro x WGSN. Image: Coloro

The duality of the colour tone, which appears both natural and virtual, bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, Samba explained further. Aquatic Awe is reminiscent of marine life and its ecosystems as well as the increasingly popular immersive virtual worlds.

Sunset Coral

"Sunset Coral is a colour that appeals to our desire for the simple pleasures in life," said Coloro’s Guilbert about the coral colour. Sunset Coral [009-58-31] is an antidote to the current obsession with productivity and - despite its energetic appearance - invites people to enjoy doing nothing.

Sunset Coral, one of the key colours for SS25 Coloro x WGSN. Image: Coloro

The colour experts also spoke of "conscious hedonism" in connection with Sunset Coral, because the shade, which is also reminiscent of a sunset, is intended to help connect moments of pleasure with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Ray Flower

The fifth colour for the SS25 season, Ray Flower [037-832-32], brings not only sunshine but also plenty of optimism. Coloro cited the work of multidisciplinary designer Jess Redgrave as the source of inspiration for the radiant yellow shade. The Brit is best known for her Clima Fibre project, for which she developed fibres for textiles, natural dyes and a hydropic coating made entirely of sunflowers.

Ray Flower, one of the key colours for SS25 Coloro x WGSN. Image: Coloro

"This colour is inherently optimistic and soothing,” said Samba. "Ray Flower fits the growing trend towards a more radical, considerate approach to sustainability, where the environment is treated as a customer in design and production, and nature as a member of the management."

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.