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CryptoBoxers launches NFT apparel

By Kristopher Fraser

Jan 10, 2022

It was late 2019 when CryptoBoxers, the very first boxing video game with an ecosystem in cryptocurrency, based on the blockchain, announced a projected entry date into the gaming market. Then COVID-19 hit, delaying many businesses’ expected plans. Cryptocurrency, however, emerged from the pandemic, becoming a mainstream force, and CryptoBoxers followed the lead. Game creator and CEO of Me N Mines Media, Andrew Gilliam, has announced that CryptoBoxers is now entering the fashion industry with a new CryptoBoxers NFT apparel line, in anticipation of the game’s pending release date with newly developed features.

CryptoBoxers has been busy planning, plotting, and partnering with select professional boxers to customize NFT packages to be released as the first in a series of rounds that include NFT apparel. The first-round series includes past champions Michael Spinks, Lamon Brewster, Poison Junior Jones, Billy Wright, Montell Griffin, Buster Douglas, and female champion boxer Tracy Byrd. Current champions and contenders include Austin Trout, Alexander Frank, Carlos Takam, Helen Joseph, Yoselin Fernandez, Chevelle Hallback, Oxiandia Castillo, Yahu Blackwell, Evander Castillo, Jean Carlos Vargas, WBC Heavyweight Champion Danielle Perkins, and their first NFT referee, Tony Weeks.

Utilizing the latest technology, each boxer sends images to the CryptoBoxers team. The images are then transformed into singular, explosive, alter dimensional patterns and transfixed onto hoodies, long sleeves, and t-shirts. The boxer’s apparel is then linked to them as an opportunity for additional branding in the digital space while tapping into the crypto commodity market. The CryptoBoxers NFT apparel line is already expanding into other areas, while active professional boxers are currently taking their pattern to the ring wearing their NFT wardrobe gear for the fighter’s corner, press conferences, and weigh-ins. The official CryptoBoxers NFT platform is set to launch later this year.

Creating revenue streams for embattled athletes was always Andrew Gilliam’s plan when he first envisioned CryptoBoxers in 2018. A hip-hop historian with a background in online marketing, Gilliam has over two decades of experience in his field. “With CryptoBoxers, any professional boxer can secure additional income, whether they are active or non-active, whether they have social media or not. Our vision for the expanded NFT platform is projected to add millions to the sport of boxing outside of the ring while allowing the fans to connect and feel the genuine presence of each boxer,” he said in a statement.

“We envision this portion of what we can fully offer as a hybrid version of EA Sports,” Gillam added in a statement. “Instead of our company and staff members lining their pockets, we partner first with them, the athlete, then we monetize with them, to create and give them a passive income that increases with minimum involvement. Our NFT apparel is starting with round one. Beyond just gameplay, revenue is created through every opportunity the digital world allows.”

CryptoBoxers is a diversifying element that will transform the boxing and gaming markets, eventually expanding and evolving beyond boxing to include all combat sports. CryptoBoxers aims to be the leading platform uplifting the community of aspiring combat sports athletes and their fans, empowering people of color and disenfranchised groups.