Death to Tennis gets peacock happy

Death to Tennis took to New York Fashion Week to present a collection that seemed simply utilitarian with a few brand specific motifs like logos on the back of bombers. However, never look at anything just on a surface level.

This season, designers William Watson and Vincent Oshin drew inspiration from New York-based artist Keith Mackie's Mystical Peacock. Initially hand-drawn on paper then rendered in photoshop, peacock feathers in various colors are set against a white backdrop.

The print was used throughout the collection in scarves, jackets, shorts, t-shirts and trousers.

The color palette was heavy on the black, grey and navy in terms of neutrals, but also featured bright greens and emeralds.

The other aesthetic inspiration here was vanity, although quite ironic in the world of fashion to discuss obsession with vanity. In the era of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, models were using their iPhones to livestream the presentation.

The designers skills seem to be strongest in knitwear, particularly t-shirts which had a relaxed feel.

Perhaps a little vanity isn't such a bad thing if it means a stylish wardrobe?

photo: courtesy of Death to Tennis




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